06 August, 2008

At home today

I brought work home yesterday to work on, as there is a national strike today across the country, and our maid was not able to come in and Chloe needed someone to look after her.

The strike is about increase in fuel, food prices etc, all impacts the high cost of living and the workers are no longer happy and want to try and get the message across. They did threaten with violence, so lets hope all will be safe and sound.

Will be back to normal and back at work tomorrow.


  1. Glad you had a quiet day at home. I still went to work... only half the staff arrived. Traffic was a bit quieter... no taxis or buses... pure bliss!!!

  2. I hope you enjoyed the day home with Chloe. I am sure she did. I think the strike perhaps speaks to all of us South Africans ... the cost of living has drastically increased the last year. Especially people living from hand to mouth are definitely feeling it in a severe way.
    Keep well.


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