17 July, 2008

Trying my luck

At the 2009 Memory Makers Masters Contest.

2 weeks ago I managed to colour photostat 4 LOs that I thought showcased my best work. As well as finish off and mail my LO for the competition highlighting my interpretation of the theme: I Believe. I must say I was very proud of how my LO turned out, the only pity is that this original LO had to go to America and we don't get it back...I have scanned it in for myself and will reveal it and the others I submitted, once the competition has ended. Perhaps I will do a replica of it, so I have one for myself, just hope to be able to get the exact papers, as I only had one of each.

The end date for the competition is 31st July (1 day after I turn the Big 40), so I am feeling lucky. They then announce the winners around 22nd August 2008.

Please hold thumbs for me, as this would be an awesome achievement to add to my Scrapbooking CV...and the prize is a HUGE BONUS!!!


  1. I will definitely hold thumbs for you. As I have said before, you are the most diligent scrapping challenge/competition participant I know. I hope that SA's scrapping talent will blow the MM (USA)away. Thumbs and big toes knotted ...

  2. All the best for this competition. I really want to do it too but never seem to get there... so will just have to rely on you to be my entry this year... hehehe.

  3. I am so holding thumbs and toes for you Sophia. I am dying to see your work you submitted.

    Good luck and let us know as soon as you do!!

  4. jacki janse van rensburg19 July, 2008 20:26

    will you still remember us when you are famous?

    good luck - i hope you do well!

  5. Hey Sophia...great that you decided to enter. I thought about it too but with my parents being here until the 7th Aug...the timing is really bad. All the best!


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