24 July, 2008

Photos from Break-in

Here is the proof of what our little home had to go through, while we were all in dreamland...I find it amazing that we did not hear them, the sure were quiet workers, just hacking away there!

The lounge sliding door they tried to hack through...

The sliding door in the scrapbook room / study den for all of us...

The debris off the lounge sliding door...

Window off the lounge...

Kitchen door which they got through to, which triggered our alarm. They still needed to get past the security gate.

THANKS GOODNESS for alarms!!!


  1. Goodness gracious me! They were sure determined to get inside! So glad you had activated your alarm.

  2. How scary!!! Glad the alarm worked.

  3. Yikes...who was it? Kids, adults, how many? Thank God everyone is okay!

  4. Wow, Sophia. Glad you are all okay. Please e-mail me and let me know the details of what happened.

  5. Yes, Sophia, you can just be glad the alarm did its work ... just imagine if this was not the case ... like Mindy said. I know you all must feel a bit shaken, but time will make you strong again.

  6. Oh my word! That is so awful! & while you were sleeping....flip! this country is really going down the toilet. Thank the Lord you are all OK.

  7. Wow! That is scary! So glad the alarm went off and you're all safe!


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