12 July, 2008

It's the weekend....Baby!

Those of you who listen to Radio 5 will recognize the post's title, as that is what they shout on air every Friday morning, quite catchy if you tell me...

After work today I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure, as it has been way overdo. Chanelle, my beautician put gel nails on my fingers and my toes, so that they look nicer...and I have to admit they sure do look great and I think I can get use to it, it is like having manicured and painted nails that never chip off. All I do is keep having the ridges filled in as it grows...LOVE IT!!!

Also got a teatree parraffin wax on my feet, oh my word, what a treat, if you have not had one of these, please do yourself a favour and get one, well worth every penny.

I was even brave enough to let her get creative with her nail art too, as you will see in the pictures below. On my 2 fingers she put very teeny, tiny little light pink & white daisies; then same on the big toes with a little extra bling...too cute!



  1. I know the feeling and treat myself once a month to a pedicure. It is amazing how good you feel.

    They look lovely!


  2. My best is the paraffin wax pedi - oooohhhhh - almost better than you know what ....

    I don't like to wear shoes so my feet take a hammering especially because I also walk outside barefoot and I love the feeling of smooth "baby" feet after a pedi - all that nasty hard skin gone - yeah baby!

    Love, T


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