18 July, 2008

I'm at my folks...

...for the weekend.

My Mom, has been missing her granddaughter's heaps, so, I decided it was time I took a little trip up to Empangeni and spend some time there.

I have also requested my Dad to cook my fav dinners (I miss his Mauritian cooking)...that is the one thing I miss about leaving home!

Saturday, I am planning on taking my Mom shopping at their brand new re-vamped shopping mall, even I have not seen it yet, so that will be a highlight too. I have a few last minutes things I need to get for my 40th Scrap Bash, cannot believe it is almost here, it has taken a lot of planning with my good friends; and some of them have some surprises in store. Yes, Tracy, I know you are just dying to tell me....please don't, I love surprises!!!

Then, weather permitting on Sunday, we will all head out to the beach with the kids

I will touch base with you all on Sunday, hope you have a great weekend planned!


  1. Hi Sophia

    Hope you have a wonderful week-end with your family. Don't eat too much of your dads great cooking and happy shopping!!

  2. what??? You are turning 40? Wow you don't look it at all. Have fun on your trip and enjoy your Dad's cooking... and the shopping:) Wishin you all the best on this year's MMM! I would love to see you layouts too so please don't forget about me ok?:)


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