13 July, 2008

Been hit again

By that darn FLU BUG, yet again...

Little Chloe started a bit of a sniffy, running nose on Friday and while feeding her dinner to her, she sneezed right into my face, food and bugs and all...lol

So, needless to say I think my immune system is at an all time low, as yesterday I work up feeling really rotten and miserable. Flu, is simply the one thing I hate getting, it really takes a huge toll on you.

I managed to finish my LO for Kim's challenge and emailed it to her. Thanks, Kim, I had fun doing this, hope you like!

Murray let me sleep in a little this morning, and I got breakfast in bed when I woke up - yummy cappuccino and toasted cheese and tomato down under the grill in the oven, my fav...thanks, Murray, love you for that!

Oh well, will see what the rest of the Sunday brings me, enjoy yours...it's back to work tomorrow. The weekends sure do seem to fly by far too quickly.


  1. Lovely layout.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I have to admit I've been battling with a bad cold for the last couple of days. Also got to stay in bed this am, but no breakfast in bed though...... but we've got no kitchen, so I'll forgive Chris just this time.

  3. Oh no, again. Pump those vitamins and eat loads of yoghurt. But it seems like you are in very good hands ... really spoilt hey!
    Love the layout ... you must be the most productive scrapper I know ... always on track with every and any challenge. Keep it up and stay warm.

  4. Hello Sophia, so nice of you drop in on my blog - I hope you are doing well. Please keep in touch, Cherrie

  5. Hope your flu doesn't get worse and that you manage to get some work done. Love the layout that you did... such a special one.


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