04 June, 2008

Update on Chloe

A bit late in posting...

Remember the post on Chloe's condition with the spots on her skin; and the little biopsy they took etc, etc, etc...

Well, we had our follow-up appointment last Thursday, and the results came back from the lab as MASTOCYTOSIS. Now, you are probably wondering...what the hell is that!!

In the not so technical version...her body produces too many mast cells that carry histamine, but lucky for her she has got it mildly. He showed us photos of a 5 month baby that has a severe case of it, all I can say is poor little soul...

In severe cases, it can lower your blood pressure and you pass out. Certain foods can trigger it.

After bathing pat her dry and not rub, as it can cause them to overproduce and many more...

For those of you wanting to read up about it here is the link again.

We just have to read about it and get to know ALL about it...it would be just like another family who has a diabetic child to look after.

The Doc, is almost sure hers might go away and not grow with her, but we must just be prepared either way.

So, pray hard that hers go away...

On a happier note, Chloe cut her second tooth last Friday, she weighed 8.5kgs at her 6 month's check, 1 kg heavy than what Amy was at that age.

My baby girl is growing, far too fast...


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Chloe for her to grow out of the condition she has.

    Oh man, she is soooo cute. Such a happy baby. I can't believe how alike she and Amy are - you can see they are sisters.

    Keep well


  2. Oh Sophia, not sure what to say as I haven't "been" there with mine, but have you in my prayers too. She is darling, they both are....
    Still having fun with your new toy then.... chat soon again

  3. Oh Sophia. I hope Chloe gets better real soon. Hang in there mommy. She is such a sweet baby and looks so happy.

  4. Sophia, I hope your sweet baby outgrows this condition! I just love her fat little legs - lol

    I will keep your family in my prayors.

    Take care.

  5. Oh Sophia I have never heard of that??? I'm glad is nothing life threatening but what a pain for Chloe and you guys!!! Here's prayers that it clears up really quick and she outgrows it!!!


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