17 June, 2008

Thank You

For your patience while I have been going through some changes...

Well, to start off with...I was trying to upgrade my blogger HTML TEMPLATE to the new upgraded format Blogger offers, as it is so much easier and friendlier to use and manage around in Blog world. I chose a template that did not look quite like I wanted, so I tried to change it back to my old format and oops...it did not work!!!

My Blog looked like a dog's breakfast, or more like HTML coding gone wrong...LOL

So, thanks to Wilna's inspiration, while browsing her newly updated blog I came across this sweet lady Gisele Jaquenod who designs beautiful and fun blog templates. Under her FREE ones my eye stumbled upon this new one I updated mine too, called Sweet Blog...don't you just love that yummy chocolate brown with the pink accents. It is just to die for...LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! She also custom makes one for a small amount too, might even consider getting my own personal one...you will just have to wait and see! wink, wink

Now onto a sadder note and a bit of the reality of what happens here in South Africa (although I do love my country), just don't like what is happening in our everyday situations.

My Mom phoned me this morning to let me know this...

My Dad went to close up the Pizza shop they own in Empangeni last night. While busy doing so, 3 young African youths each carrying a gun held the lady, staff and my Dad hostage, while they were busy stealing things of out the shop and loading it all in my Dad's bakkie. They then demanded the money out the till, and with a gun to my Dad's back demanded the car keys and off the went...easy as pie, don't you think. All I can say is thank you GOD, that he is still alive and nothing devastating happened to him or the staff...don't know what I would do if anything happened to him!!!

I was supposed to help my Mom out on Saturday with some catering for a function, but due to the fact that I got a bad dose of flu, I had to cancel...perhaps next time Mom, sorry!

A little of my creative stuff, not much, but better than nothing. This was using one of the kits from the Heidi Swapp day in May. I love how it turned out.

All in all everything at home is well, apart from Amy being off school last week with a bad dose of flu, that is where I caught mine from. Chloe is teething, so we are back to our sleepless nights; and Dad working way too hard at work.

To all the Fathers we know out there, here is wishing you all a Happy Father's Day for Sunday, hope you all got spoilt. Murray, sure did...he got a voucher for a back massage & pedicure; and a Parker pen set he wanted..."enjoy them Daddy, love Amy and Chloe".

Chat to you all soon, enjoy the rest of your week...


  1. Oh no!! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. It's so frustrating! Hope you all feel better soon. I'm recovering after a tummy bug.

  2. Love your new look Sophia... so yummy. Anything Chocolate does it for me! Sorry about the news with your Dad. Just VERY glad that he wasn't physically hurt... I always say that rather have your life than your stuff.

  3. That is terrible, just glad that no harm came to anyone.

    Sorry you were sick and missed not only helping your mom, but even being able to attend the Doing Life Scrap Day.

    Don't envy you the sleepless nights!!

    I like your layout - very pretty.

    Get well soon.


  4. That html coding can be such a pain.. I'm so glad your dad is okay, and it's such a pity that things like that happen to often in today's world.


  5. Oh my goodness....that is so hideous!! I hope he is recovering from the shock of it? Life In Africa...is getting stressful to say the least.

    By the way, I think you have done a great job on your blog it is looking fantastic!! I also noticed you are designing for making memories for you, is it a new position? If it is WELL DONE!

    On the subject of scrapping...I have a weekly scrap challenge over at my blog. If you get a moment...join us in the fun.
    Keep well.

  6. Hi Sophia, I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. It must have been a real shock to the family. Hope you are doing okay. As you say, it could have been much worse. The angels were definitely watching over him. Hope you recovered from your flu!

  7. Sophia, so glad to hear your dad and the others with him are OK. Shocking they went through that experience.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Love the blog-look!


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