26 May, 2008

Some weekend fun

It was Amy's cousin, Mathew's 4th birthday party on Saturday and the theme was BUG party.

Mary-Anne, made some really cute jellies with insects in them and the juice had some in too. The cake was just too cute, well done on all of them...

They all went on a bug hunt to find themselves some that were hidden in the garden, then it was time for pass the parcel and some pinata fun.

My best friend, Natalie came to stay for the night with her son, Josh....it was great to catch up again...been a while!

As for Sunday, we went to Murray's folks for lunch. Took Amy for a few rides on the miniature steam trains, which she loved...

Otherwise that is all for know, but will let you into a little secret you have to watch this blog tomorrow, there will be a surprise in store for you.

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  1. Oh, I just love the "bug"things from the party. Looks like everyone had a load of fun and mom and dad too on the train rides!!

    Hope all goes well with the results of the biopsy. You are all in my prayers.

    I love your Candice layout. It has really come out nicely. I need to do the finishing touches to mine.

    Keep well



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