27 April, 2008

Week Holiday Away and Other Stuff

Last Saturday was Amy's school's cycle race day...and she came 3rd.

Finally I am able to show off pictures of Amy's completed room. The hold up was the shelves, which I finally got my Dad to help out with when they were down. Her walls are painted lilac and the room's decor is pink, lilac and white...It's a real girls room.

With me going back to work soon. Murray's folks took us away for a weeks break at Champagne Lane in the Drakensberg mountains...so that is where I have been for the last week.

It was a beautiful little place in the valley with lovely chalets we stayed in. Near our chalet they had a huge kids play area; and even a mini putt-putt course. So, Amy spent a lot of time playing there...which was great for her to get some much needed fresh air.

The Monday when we arrived there, the mountains were mostly covered in snow, as there had been a cold front, so I managed to get some photos of this, pity it was not at the chalets, would have been lovely. Although it was cold enough for us to use the fireplace.

Our bedroom had an en suite with the spa bath, and both Amy and Chloe loved it. On the first night we added bubbles to it, only to read later, it was not allowed. I promise not tell if you don't...

On the Tuesday, we took a drive up to go and see a show with birds of prey (raptors). This was so well worth it. Both Amy and I got to hold a Lanner falcon, it was awesome. Amy thought that was the best thing ever...

Wednesday, Murray and his Dad went off to Champagne Sports to play golf. He actually had a good game and loved the course. As for the girls we, stayed behind to chill out. Took a walk to the stables to ask about the horse rides etc.

Thursday morning, Amy went for horse rides...it is the one thing she has to do if we go way and they have it.

Later that morning, we took a drive to Champagne Castle. Murray's folks are coming here in 2 weeks time with some friends of theirs. It is really a beautiful resort set right in the mountains, such beautiful views. Perhaps we get to go there next time...hint hint

These are just a few of the nice photos from the week...

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Champagne Lane Holiday

Then it was Friday, and we had to head back home. The week seemed to go so quickly, as they say..."Time flies, when you are having fun".

On another note...

Took Chloe for some injections before we left. Her weight just a couples of days short of 5 months was 7.8kgs and length 71cms. Cannot believe how quickly she is growing and how the time flies by so fast.

Managed to get another challenge done for Making Memories For You. I used the photos of Chloe just after she was born...so precious.

Another bit of awesome news for you...

A while back on the Making Memories Blog, they were running a competition, you can read about it here.

So I tried my best and sent them my video, just thought what had I to loose, nothing. Got an email back saying that they had chosen my video as one of the 4 winners to be screened on their blog.

So watch for mine on the 9th May. With that said, I received my awesome prize from them already, you can see my yummy scrappy goodness I got from them, and I sure do love their products...WOOHOO FOR MAKING MEMORIES!!!

Have a hectic week ahead of us with lots on the go...

Catch you all later...


  1. Your Berg pictures are stunning and you all certainly had a good time. A nice holiday before going back to work.

    Amy's room is beautiful - fit for a little pricess!!

    Love all your goodies you won. will check out the MM blog to see your video.

  2. Wow, wish I was a little girl again ... just that I could also have a chance to have such a beautiful room as Amy's. Can't wait to see how Chloe's room is going to look!?

    You know the berg is me and hubbys favourite relaxing area and it sure seems like you all had a good chill out. The birds of prey are awesome.

    When are you back at work again? Cannot belief time has past so unnoticed.

    Congratulations on all your winnings ... you are setting a precident you have to keep up now hey.

  3. Congrats on the Making Memories contest sweets, you so deserve it!!!!

    Love all the pics!!! You did a fab job on Amy's room - I am sure she just adores it!!

    I would love to get a chance to stay in one of the chalet's you guys stayed in - the scenery is amazing and how relaxing it must have been!!!


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