16 April, 2008

Time to post again

I got so busy with life I forgot to post here...sorry blog readers.

I took Amy and her little school friend Emma to Ushaka last week, before school started this week, they had a ball.

First we all went to see the aquarium with the fishes and sharks etc...the girls loved this. Then we headed to the T-Riffic Play area for kids, this is the spot to take your kids, you pay an entrance fee for the kids only. The get a treasure map to go find some clues, once that is completed, they get a prize. They loved this, although I was the one doing all the hunting and finding the clues...lol

Then we had lunch at the River Cafe which is at the T-Riffic area, food was really great. I just chilled while the girls played on the amusement toys and things. So much to do...

Train Rides
Cannon Ball shooting
Live Shows
Face Painting
Playing in the Treasure Cave
Gaming room
Huge jungle gym for them to play on

After lunch they wanted to go to the dolphin show, but it was still too early. So, I took them both for a Gondola boat ride...it was too cute and they loved that too.

Then in the afternoon we got to see the Dolphin Show and the Seal show.

Needless to say, it was a day well spent.

Here is a little video montage of the day...enjoy!

View this montage created at One True Media
Ushaka Fun

On the crafting side...

Amy had been nagging me to scrapbook all weekend, so Dad told me to go buy her an album kit, that was not too expensive, just for her to start off with...needless to say, I gave her a few photos and some goodies and a little while later, she produced these pages. Now, this truly makes a Mother proud, or she just got the crafting gene from me...lol

Don't you just love her LOs...too cute.

I have also been creating a few LOs too.

This one was for Niki's challenge over at Making Memories For You.

And this one was Scraphoria and Label Tulip challenges, the same LO fitted both of them.

This LO below was just for fun...

Got me some more scrappy mail in the post.

This was from winning the November Upload LOs challenges at Scraphoria.

This was from the weekend crop over at Making Memories For You.

Lots of fun goodies to play with here...YAY!!!

Until later,


  1. Sophia you told me Amy made some LO's but wow did she ever make some LO's!!! She is starting young and doing well!!! I love them!!! Love all the work you've posted as well and congrats on all your scrappy mail!!!! Chat again soon!!! K-

  2. Oh how divine - Amy's layouts are beautiful.

    Love your new layouts.

    Enjoy all your stash from your happy mail.



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