04 July, 2007

Peanut update and a bit of this and that

My tummy is growing nice and round now and I thought I would post some useless info again and a photo to compare too.


Your baby is continuing to grow and to develop, but now the very rapid growth rate slows down a little. Your baby has a very human appearance now because the eyes are located on the front of the face, although they are still wide apart.The ears are close to their final position. If the foetus is a girl, her ovaries and egg cells are developing. A male produces thousands of new sperm cells every day, but a female is born with all the eggs she will ever have. You may feel a slight pain in your side when you move suddenly. Ligaments on each side of your uterus and pelvic walls are stretching as your baby grows.

Meanwhile, most of the weight you've gained is from amniotic fluid, placenta, and water retention. Although things may seem calm on the surface, your little one is kicking, flexing, reaching, rolling, and even sucking his thumb now. If you haven't felt him move yet, you will in the next few weeks. His hearing is now functioning and he will be listening to your heartbeat.

Here is a photo of me at 4 months...

Took Amy to go see Shrek at the Pavilion shopping mall, she had been excited all week telling everyone, but when we got to finally see him, she was so scared of him. Anyways, I got the lady to take the picture of all 3 of us...I'm sure it will make for a good layout.

I have another layout to complete, then I will post them on here.

With the new baby coming along, Murray has to move his study downstairs, as we need the 3rd room to make up for Amy. The current room she is in will remain as the nursery as she will move into a new room with new furnishings for a big girl. She has repeatedly told me she wants a pink & purple room, however I will replace the purple with lilac (not too bright). I have been searching for the perfect fabric to make her curtains and small roman blind, and I think I have finally found it (see pic below). I am able to get the fabric and have them made up through my work at Shaves, as they have a decor section. We are painting the walls lilac and she will have white bedding with matching designs from her curtain fabric sewn onto it like patchwork...I think it will make her very happy when she gets to see the completed room, now just to get Dad downstairs, so that we can start decorating...

Until then, enjoy the rest of your evening.


  1. Hey Sophia you are looking good... hang in there. I took my son to see Shrek 3 on Sunday too (here in Jhb) was a different sort of experience too. Anyhow.. are you going to the ISE this year as a volunteer again (seeing as you're pregnant and all)? I sent in my form on Monday and would love to hook up with you if you do.

  2. Hi Sophia

    You are really looking well and as you say the tummy is growing nicely.

    I love your fabric - it is just so pretty, and I am sure once all is made up Amy is also going to love her room.


  3. Love the new fabric for Amy's room. She's one lucky girl!

  4. Love the new fabric for Amy's room. She's one lucky girl.


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