10 June, 2007

I guess it's time to {post} again

Well, our little Amy, is not so little anymore. She told us on Thursday night that she does not want to go to bed with a nappy anymore...so, we decided we would try it out. Made her go to the loo before she went to bed, and made sure that she had her last drink or so by 6h30 latest.

Obviously I already had a waterproof protector on the bed...to our astonishment in the morning, her bed was still dry and so was she.

I think this could be the start of no more nappies for her. Hooray, that would be a great breakthrough and at least by the time {peanut} is here, it will be the only one on nappies, much cheaper on the pocket.

It is now Sunday and she has had no accidents...so we thank our lucky stars so far!

Amy had a Pajama party at her school on Tuesday, it was so funny to see them all in the pjs, even the teachers, although they picked the right day. It was cold, so they could all wear the warm winter woolies...they watched movies, played games, had popcorn and lots of fun.

Will post more news tomorrow.

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  1. Sjoe, you must be really delighted having Amy off nappies. It is not only showing that Amy is becoming a real little lady now, but it will also be easier on the pocket until peanut arrives. How are all the ex Pick-of-the-Crop girls doing? You are all so quite - seems like you forgot about the other ex member?


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