16 May, 2007

I have been {C}reating

You heard right...

I have been in a very creative mood of late. So, I have been scrapping some things while I have had a little time on my hands.

This LO was a sample class I took on Fiona Carter's site, go take a look. I had a great time creating this page of Amy on Valentine's Day. She was playing around wit a box of chocolates I had given Murray.

Then, I have entered myself into the Create My Keepsake June Guest Designer. For this we had to design 4 items using only one sheet of patterned paper, you heard right, only 1 sheet.

I created 2 cards, some paper flowers and decorated a small tin. It made me realise that you can do quite a lot with one sheet of paper.

That's all for now, will be back with more exciting creations, so watch this space.


  1. Love the red heart layout - your colour choices are excellent and as usual the simplicity of your layouts always says 'less is more' - glad you are creating again.

  2. I really loved your top layout... gorgeous!

  3. I just love your layout - portrays what was happening.

    I also like the 4 things you designed - very clever!!

  4. Hi Sophia.

    Thanks for taking my sample class. I loved the layout you created. {It is now in the class gallery, thanks for sending it through}.

    I really like the way you made four items from the one sheet of paper, that is a good challenge.




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