13 May, 2007

Happy {Mother's} Day

Just wanted to wish my Mom and Murray's Mom a very

Also to all those other Moms out there that pop by and read my blog. I sure hope you all get spoilt lots today.

My day started with Amy and Murray bringing me coffee and breakfast in bed, I think I could get used to that...lol

Amy bought me some nice fluffy slippers, which are much needed, as I had been wearing Murray's on the cold nights of late. She also made me these beautiful flowers and pet rock at her school, but alas, she has claimed the pet rock as her own...that's okay by me.

I have also been quite productive this weekend and finished 2 layouts. One is for my cousin in Mauritius, Nathalie. She asked me to scrap this photo of her and her husband, Guy, I hope she likes how it came it.

Then, the second layout was for a challenge that CD Muckosky is hosting on Creating Keepsakes, that I thought I would take part in (you know me by now), sucker for competitions, especially when there is scraping goodies up for grabs...

This was another layout that I forgot to post a while back. It was made for a special friend, Shelley as part of their wedding present.

That is all for today, enjoy your day further...and post a comment on how you got spoilt on Mother's Day.


  1. Hi Sophia

    Thanks for the wishes - glad you got nicely spoilt.

    I did the Pavilion 15km race this morning and once I got home, our 3 dogs each gave me a present stuck in their collars!!

    I then received a packet of nougat, a box of nougat and 2 slabs of nougat from my son - I love nougat. At the moment he and his girlfriend are busy making me breakfast - so off to eat!



  2. Hi Sophia

    Sounds like you had a lovely Mother's Day. Love the paper flowers!

    Your layouts are gorgeous, I really love the one you have done for your sister.

    Have a great day!



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