25 April, 2007

Our {LITTLE} Peanut

Yesterday was an awesome day. It was my first visit with my Gyny (Dr. Martin) and we had our first check-up.

His scanner machine is not like the proper scanner, which shows everything in detail, but I could see my little Peanut's heart beating 10 to the dozen (very strong).

It is so sweet to know that there is this little person that is growing inside of me at this very minute. Depending on me for all it's nutrition, until it comes into this BIG world.

Yesterday our little Peanut was 2 months old, so, only 7 more months to go. This is the size of Peanut now...

Just some info about Peanut

From Embryo to Fetus
You began bonding with your baby the moment you knew you were pregnant. That's why many parents nickname their babies from day one. But to biologists, your little peanut or jellybean has been an embryo all this time. This month, he officially becomes a fetus. His new status may not mean a whole lot to you, except that it coincides with a change to a more baby–like shape and appearance.Your baby loses his embryonic "tail" this month. If you could take a peek inside, you would see that his eyes are facing forward now. He's got budding arms, legs, hands and feet. He still has much more developing to do, but he's distinctly human. And he's all yours.

What’s Neurogenesis?
You've probably heard a lot about the importance of prenatal care, especially as it relates to brain development. The human brain is like a delicate, complex machine. Right now your body is busy building one of these machines. And neurogenesis is a critical part of that construction.Neurogenesis is the super–fast cell–division process that creates neurons. Your baby's brain will eventually have 100 billion neurons. Most of these information–processing "circuits" will be formed in the first four months of your pregnancy. Even more amazing, unlike other parts of the human body, the brain doesn't generate new cells. The neurons in development now will last through a lifetime of thinking, learning, problem–solving and daydreaming.

First Movements
You don't look pregnant yet. And you probably don't feel pregnant either, except for side effects like morning sickness. So you may find it hard to believe that your baby will start to move this month. At first he'll do little more than "startle," that is, make an involuntary whole–body movement. But pretty soon he'll start moving his arms and legs one at a time, getting a little prenatal exercise. He will also practice movements he'll need later, for eating, drinking, sucking his thumb and other baby essentials.

Growth Update
The first two months are the most critical in your baby's development. By the end of this period, he'll be just two inches long, but also physically mature enough for the next stage, when his fledgling personality begins to emerge.

The due date Dr Martin gave me is 4th December 2007, so let's see if Peanut will show appearance around that date.

Murray and I have decided that we will find out the sex of the baby when possible. So watch this space...

- pics, and perhaps video on next Peanut update.


  1. Cannot believe it is two months already. Great to read about everything that should and have happened in you and Murray's second peanuts existence. Makes you think about abortion in a new way. Just look after yourself and peanuts wellbeing. Only 7 months to go. Would be nice for you and Murray to have bambino no.2 around before Xmas. Love Desire

  2. Hi there. I have been TAGGED by Claire McGeer of DesignersNotes (The Mad Aunt) and now I have tagged you! You need to write 7 random facts/habits about yourself on your blog and tag 7 bloggers - leave a message for them to do the same! Have fun this COLD Saturday evening! My blogspot is www.desiref.blogspot.com
    Love Desire


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