23 February, 2007

Afternoon at Sonja's

Dropped Murray off at the airport this morning, had to get up at the crack of dawn, for his early flight to Joburg. That's okay though, as it meant I got to use the BMW for 2 days, instead of my heap of junk...

After work, I picked up Amy and we headed off to Sonja's house, as she invited us round for the afternoon.

We had all these plans of spending time around the pool with the kids, but the morning showed very grey skies. Just as luck had it, the afternoon warmed up a bit and we managed to spend time around their beautiful pool, while the kids played with the pebbles in the little rock pools.

Sonja & Aidy's little girl, Kiara has grown so much and is just so adorable...you would not say that this little bundle had to undergo open heart surgery at 6 weeks old.

This is the magnificent view from their home of the Kloof Gorge; and one of Gateway if you look hard and long; also some snippets of their beautiful house...every one's dream perhaps!?!

Thanks, Sonja for a lovely afternoon, will make sure it does not take us that long to come visit again....promise!

- Good afternoon after all.

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