16 January, 2007

Special day today...

Only because this little person in our lives turns 3.

Happy Birthday my sweetheart, I really hope you have a wonderful day. Hope that all your dreams come true...

Where did the years go, it felt like yesterday that I gave birth to her. Now she is growing into this sweet little girl of ours. So independent and willing to try anything. Fully potty trained, except for bedtime, need to get her to cut back on all that liquid intake before bed...

Amy's party is scheduled for Saturday the 20th January with family and friends...see you there.

- birthday wishes for our little one.


  1. Yes time speeds along without us noticing. Cannot believe Amy is 3. She has grown into such a beautiful little girl. Happy, Happy Birthday. I am sure she will have lots of fun at her party on Saturday. Love Desire

  2. I remember just the other day when Desire told us that you were going to hospital to have your baby - now she is 3. She is really cute and I enjoy reading your stories all about her.

    I know how you feel as my first "baby" turns 21 in May - where have all the years gone??!!

    Have a happy day Amy and hope you get really spoilt.



    (The OW and MotBHG)


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