06 January, 2007

Lunchtime {fun} at Splashes

It's been a really hot day today, feel sorry for those of you frying outdoors watching the cricket...

Been a week now, and gym is still going strong, I'm actually really enjoying it so much. Feel more energetic and can stay up later at night, finishing off more photo layouts and chatting on MSN to friends...oh, what fun!!!

Dad decided to spoil us today and took us out to lunch at Splashes on the Waterfront. There is still lots being done to our so called waterfront, but it will look good once completed.

Amy loved watching the boats sail by, while eating in-between. She chose calamari and chips...she has expensive tastes for the finer things in life...

Our little poser, takes after her Mom..lol

Just a snippet of what was ordered...I have been into salads lately, must be the new healthy way of life trying to kick in...yeah!!!

Murray had the foccacia and I had Jalapeno Stuffed Peppers, with Sweet Chilli Sauce The I was onto the Calamari/Prawn Salad and Murray had Chicken & Prawn Curry.

- time to relax and watch a movie.

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