26 November, 2006

Great Weekend...

Thanks to our good friends...Ant and Jason.

We dropped Amy off at Granny's house on Friday, then we drove out to Umdloti, for sun downers at the Gifford's home, over looking the sea. A few drinks later...

Then it was time to head out for dinner at this lovely restaurant that Ant booked for us in Ballito. It is this lovely Portuguese restaurant called Biera Alto. Our table had been decorated with sparkly sprinkles saying "Happy Birthday", Murray thought that was so funny. We all started with a portion of Fresh Knysna Oyster - to die for!! Then, Murray and I ordered the Seafood Platter for 2, boy did it have everything on it, real value for money. For those of you who have not been here, it is worth trying out...

Back to Umdloti to get some much needed bed rest.

Saturday, after breakfast...we made our way to Umhlanga, Breakers Hotel, as I had an all day Scrap day there. Candice Greenway from Cape Town was teaching us this LO...
It was really great to meet her in person, and she even recognised me from reading and leaving comments on my Blog, how cool is that!!! LOL

She gave us the rundown on the saga of the "Bloody Stickers", sorry Candice had to quote you here...see picture below.

They had specially ordered these stickers from Holland, as they could not get them from their normal supplier. It finally got shipped to Edenvale Post Office, which got involved in an armed robbery. The "Bloody Stickers" made their way to Krugersdorp. Which left Francois's brother having to make a trip out from Joburg to collect them personally, fly to Durban and get them to Durban just in the nick of time for yesterday. My goodness, what a "trek" these stickers have been on, somehow I feel compelled t frame them up in my Scrap Study...but alas, they will be used on my page.
Well, Candice, I just want to say it was lekker to have met you. Your an awesome teacher, I picked up some awesome tips along the way...let's see if I remember!

- Duplicate
- Rules of thirds
- Triangle effect

Was that right!?! Oh well, I tried...anyways, I hope that we get to see you again soon. Congrats on getting pubbed into CK, you lucky fish, you!!!

Today is Sunday. Got to see my folks for a bit today at my brother's house...Amy had fun playing with her cousin Mathew, and she kept wanting to hold baby Jarred...too sweet.

- that's all folks.

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