06 November, 2006

Another challenge...

I am in this challenge and we had to post on our blog with this Layout.

A day in the life of...My Scraproom

Here I sit in the corner of your room, open my doors and you will find some amazing product hiding in here...From tag makers to decorative stapling, buttons and flower petals. Embellishment, foam stmaps and ribbons galore, You could sit for hours just staring at me. Don't forget the bottom shelf has all books on different techniques, styles and tips to admire. Stretch your ahnd inside me and see what you grab, you may just put some of this stuff to very good use, whether on a layout, a card or some altered item. That way you make room to fill me up again with new and exciting things. Please don't go, don't close the door behind you, I do get so lonely with nobody looking inside me...

- another challenge completed.

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  1. Great Journalling - very original. Are the pictures really your scraproom? Love Desire


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