29 October, 2006

Meeting baby Mycaela...

Friday night, was a birthday braai for Aidy at their home. Amy got dropped off at Granny's for the night, as Murray and I both wanted to let our hair don and have some fun...If you know what I mean. It was nice seeing everybody that we have not seen in ages. Later in the evening, Aidy was going around offering everybody some "HOT SEX", don't worry, it was a new liqueur that is on the market...nothing more than that, but it sure seemed to be quite a hit.

Saturday, picked up Amy and headed off to me folks for the rest of the weekend, as Henri & Emma came down with their new daughter, Mycaela. She is so tiny, that I did not know how to hold her, felt a little scared holding such a small little bundle, but once in my arms, I did not want to give her back. Had a braai in the evening with family, and some friends.

With today, being so hot, the kids splashed around in a little paddling pool, and played with the hose.

All in all, it was a fun weekend spent with family and friends.

- even more broody than ever now.

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