24 October, 2006

Just the Simple things...

Share has got us doing another Blog Challenge...

Have you ever just thought about all the {SIMPLE THINGS} in life, that are the most meaningful...

Well, Share has got me thinking on this.
Catching a glimpse of an early morning sunrise.
  • Having Amy give me a smile, simply for no reason at all.
  • My husband wrapping his arms around me and holding me tight.
  • The birds chirping outside my window.
  • Flowers blooming in my garden.
  • My family, who means the world to me.
  • Being healthy.
All I can say, is this...make the most of the simple things in life, as they don't cost you a cent and mean the most.

- simple and meaningful, that's me.


  1. What a great list Sophia! Thanks for sharing!

  2. what a wonderful list...you have some great pleasues in your life!! xoxo


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