03 October, 2006

Had a fun weekend...

...with my friends.

Jenny and Ellie came to Empangeni for the weekend, as Cheryl McCarthy was teaching a Scrapbooking class there on Saturday.

So, my folks had full house from Friday night.

Friday night, we all ordered different kinds of pizza from my brother's pizza shop {Pizza Corner} to share, which was nice.

Saturday was a fairly early start for us ladies with our Scrap classes. It was a fairly humid day, and there was no aircons where we scrapped. So, it was quite a lerthagic day...

Apart from that, we completeted 2 very nice and simple layouts, which I will post, once I have added the photos to it.

Thanks Cheryl for a nice fun day.

Saturday evening after dinner, we headed out to the Trade Fair, which is a show with fun rides etc. Ellie's son Peter and I went on a ride together, then I chickened out of the Enterprise, it looked way too scary for me...sorry, Peter, maybe next time. Then with our leftover tickets, Peter did some fishing for me, and won Amy some nice fun toys.

Sunday morning, Jenny and Ellie left early with their husbands, as Jenny was heading out to check on the progress of her home at Princes Grant.

I took my mom shopping, and Amy came home with this...

Needless to say, it is so much bigger than her, but how cute is that.

- that's my weekend in a nutshell.

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  1. Hi. Looks like all of you enjoyed Cheryl's lessons. I saw the kits at Ellie, loved the colours. Nice LO's. Amy is so cute and cudly with Mr Ted! You will need to buy another bed for the Mr!


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