18 October, 2006

Blog Challenge...

Can you imagine that 2006 is almost over, where did the time go???

This is my challenge for 2Scrappy Chicks.

Five things I want to accomplish before the end of 2006....!!! Now, with that mind here goes.

  • To be able to fall pregnant with our second child. As I am not getting any younger (38), I hope it will still be possible.
  • Become stronger in my faith again, as it has been lacking quite a lot lately.
  • Hopefully, I have saved up enough to buy me my "Dream" camera, Canon 350 Digital Rebel. I ahve admired this camera from a distance. It has al the features one could ever ask for, it would even work better at night, as my current one, battles in the dark.
  • Get all my Cristmas cards and Shopping down before December.
  • Get all my layouts done for CK Hall of Fame 2007.
I challenge all my other friends with Blogs, to tell me what are your goals!?!

- with all that in mind, time to go and try achieveing some of those goal.


  1. Wonderful goals, I wish you good luck in completeing them :D

  2. Great accomplishments. It is wonderful that you are trying to have another little one. Good luck and have fun!!! :)

  3. Great goals Sophia! I've been admiring that camera also.. hope you're able to get it! You take beautiful pictures!

  4. WOW awsome Goals!!! whoohoooI want anice new Rebel toooooooooo!!!!

  5. whooohoooa great camera hey!! i want one so so so bad toooo!!! great goals!!

  6. Great goals I want that camera tooo! I saving hard!!


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