29 August, 2006

New and Exciting News...

No, I am not pregnant, just in case you thought that.

A lot of people have been asking me to teach Scrapbooking classes again, but with Amy it is not possible.

So, this is what I have decided, I will be teaching my pages as {Online Classes} in the comfort of your own home, using your supplies you have on hand.

The class fee will be R50.00 (South African Rands) $10.00 (Australian dollars) or $10.00 (US Dollars). I have allowed for overseas people also to be able to take part and payment will need to be made via PAYPAL. You will email me saying that you are interested in signing up for the classes, I will then email you the payment details. For overseas people the email will be with my Paypal details; and for local it will have my banking details.

Only on receipt of payment, will I then send you an email with a PDF instruction sheet and colour picture of the layout. You will also receive an email to log into the class, that will have step by step with pictures.

There will be a sign in post to see that all the students have accessed the classroom; you will be able to leave comments after each step; and the classroom notes will be available on site for a while.
Once you have completed your layouts, you can email me, and I will upload to my Blog, so you can see the different ways the students have done theirs.

So, do I have your interests peeked?? If so, WATCH THIS SPACE...

- new and exciting things happening.

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