02 July, 2006

Weekend {Fun}

Weekend was off to a fun start...

Friday night we had Sonja, Aidy and baby Kiara over for dinner. Did not get to see too much of her, as she was asleep already. It was nice to see them again, after such a long time...

Saturday, Amy went to Tyler's 3rd Birthday party. Then in the afternoon we went to Murray's folks house for lunch and watch the dogs, while they where away at the July (horseracing). It is the event of the year in Durban, where people get dressed up to the nines and go have fun, while betting on the horses.

That's the birthday girl, Tyler...

Amy having some fun...

Sunday, stayed at home for a change. Murray did some handy work around the house like changing light bulbs etc. Amy and I filled up the bird feeders, as we have not done that in a while, and we so want to see the birds come back to our garden. They have been far too quiet.

Added another layout to my gallery. I really love this photo of Amy, it just melts my heart. This was a class I did through Kim Archer in Aussie. It was an awesome lesson, loved every minute of it.

- weekend nearly over, off to watch a movie.

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  1. love that page, kim is an inspiration, huh??!!


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