12 July, 2006

Baby {TOSTEE} has a name...

Yes, it is official.

Chris and Mary-Anne have named their new son, Jarred Christopher Tostee.

He is still in ICU and battling to breathe on his own.

So, I have not yet been to see him, as nobody is allowed to see any babies in ICU.

I have asked Chris to email me some photos to post, so we wait patiently for those.

Just thought I would post some layouts I have been working on for you to see.

These are paper holders which I covered and decorated for some of us at work, cute hey!

- no more nameless.

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  1. Yes. I can see you have been a busy bee lately. Love the new layouts of Amy - real fun pages. If your notepad holders look like this - I don't want to know what the rest of your office must look like - suppose VERY ORGANISED and CHIC! Keep it up. Desire


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