14 July, 2006

Amy coming home today...

My darling daugter has been staying at Murray's folks since Sunday night, as her daycare was closed for this week, before the school reopens on Monday. Of course, we could not take more leave, as when we really need it, we will have none left. Rather try and keep it for later in the year, and try go away somewhere nice.

But, by the sounds of things, she has been having a very busy week:
  • Shopping with Granny
  • Boat trip with Grandpa
  • Circus with Granny and Grandpa
  • Beach with Grandpa
and many more fun things.

I am so looking forward to seeing her tonight, holding her tight in my arms and giving her big kisses.

Our house has been far too quiet, we want her back now.

As for my new nephew (Jarred)...still in ICU, Chris reckons he may still be there for another whole week, but things seem to be improving a bit. Let's hope he gets to go home real soon.

My folks are coming down this weekend, as they have been given special permission to see him.

- our house will now be back to normal.

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