13 June, 2006

Counting down...

...we have only got 2 more sleepies until we leave for Gauteng. It is about a 5 hour drive from Durban.

Murray and I decided to take the Thursday off to gain an extra day up there with them. With Friday being a public holiday already, as it is Comrades.

We are going to be staying at Pam & Neil's new home in Irene, which is now so long overdue and we are really so looking forward to spending time with them and with my other good friends, Leona & Danny.

I believe that they have organised a fun and entertaining weekend for us. I think Friday we are off to Monte Casino's Bird park and rides with the kids etc. Saturday, the men will be playing golf; and the women and kids will be shopping and having fun. Hope to get a chance to pop in at Scrapbook Trading near Leona, if we get a chance on Saturday morning. As Joburg has all the nice Scrapbooking shops.

As for the rest, we will have to just wait and see. We are hoping that the journey up will not be too long for Amy, I must just remember to pack in all her fun toys to keep her entertained.

New banner posted, hope you like...

- off to pack our suitcases.

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