21 May, 2006

Freezing our butts off here...

Well, it has been one hellish cold weekend. With today being the coldest day ever, the temp in Murray's car read 8 degrees, while driving up to Hillcrest to get firewood for our fireplace, which we did use. I thought I was going to die...

Friday afternoon the weather just changed to the worse ever with a hailstorm following, with hail the size of golf balls. Just as well my car had been put in the garage by then. I am sure there are a lot of people out there that will be needing repairs done to their cars after that storm.

Satuday, Amy went to Maxine's party. She is one of the girls in her glass. It was a sweet party, with the majority all being girls apart from one little boy. Amy spent her time swinging and going down the slide on Maxine's new Jungle Gym.

I managed to get some scrapping in today and yesterday. Will upload once I have completed the journalling. That, somehow always seems to take me forever. I will do my best to have it done soon, I promise!!!

Murray's folks came round today for a visit, it was nice spending some time with them walking around our garden and seeing how things have grown nicely. Got to look at some old photos of when we first moved in to how it looks today, cannot begin to compare...although we still have lots to do, it is a huge improvement (will post some before and after photos during the week).

The photos below are from a Circle Journal that I took part in with some friends from Canada. The topic I chose was:

Me as a daughter
Me as a sister
Me as a wife
Me as a mother

It was so nice to read up about all of them and make some new friends in the process.

- still trying to recover from the cold weather.

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  1. Your mini albums are very cool. You are getting my thoughts going on perhaps doing some as gifts this Xmas. Will see. Desire


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