11 April, 2006

What a start to {EASTER}

OMG (Oh My Gosh, for those who do not understand)...did I get spoilt!!!

With our usual Monday night social Scrapping, the ladies decided it was time to spoil each other for the fast, approaching Easter weekend.

Desire outdid her herself, with this beautiful egg made up of Ferrero Rocher chocolates...I am so not gonna share (just kidding). I guess, I could give Murray 2 and Amy 1 and the rest is mine, all mine....LOL!!!

Thanks, Desire, I am sure it will be enjoyed by all...

Below is a picture of the cute little Easter basket I made as my contribution, it does not top Desire's egg, but the thought was there...
My good friend, Ellie sent these beautiful flowers my way, to thank me for letting her use my Scrapping tools. Ellie, you are always welcome to use anything of mine, except my husband, will have to draw the line there.
Until later - spoils and all!

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