27 April, 2006

Well, well, well, what do you know...

...it is a Public Holiday again and a lazy one at that!!!

We are house sitting Murray’s parents house until next week Wednesday, as they are away in Cape Town. We enjoy spending time here, although it is an upheaval of our house and things for a week. Just to make sure we don’t forget anything of importance behind. Can you imagine, I will be without my computer; my Blog and my Internet…Oh, No….how disastrous. Thanks to hubby, I have the use of his spare laptop to keep up with my Blog typing.

In exchange we get the use of a beautifully kept garden, a pool to our dispose and a fridge stocked with free food and drink, what more can we ask for, it’s like a mini weekend break (as Bridget Jones would say).

These pictures just don't do the garden justice, it really is very beautiful...like being in a park. It is all my Mother-in-law's hard work over the years that has paid off, as she is an avid gardener.

Just pity the weather has been too chilly for the use of the pool yet. So the 3 of us have been confined to indoors, watching movies, me scrapping and Murray busy finishing his assignment for work.

- time to wrap it up and watch yet, another movie.

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