01 April, 2006

Someone is going places...

..and no, that is not me, but an ex local South African Wilna Furstenberg, who is now living in Canada. Some of you will remember her from Scrapbook Trading's first ever International conference in Johannesburg.

Well, she has just won Creating Keepsakes "HALL OF FAME" 2006...how awesome is that, this woman rocks!!!! Go and listen to hear audio clip, with Lisa Bearnson, how lucky for her to have spoken to Lisa. It is my ultimate dream to meet Lisa one day, that is ...as they say, never stop dreaming.

See, Dreams do come true...I entered HOF twice now, but no luck, there still is hope for me.

- all famed out!


  1. HEY! thanks for finding me! i really appreciate the comments on my blog!
    i love your blog and will visit again!
    kind regards

  2. Hi there, found your link on Wilna's blog and just went to look for the fun. I am not a scrapbooker as yet, although I have dreams of becoming one as soon as I have time. Not exactly sure when that will be though. I am still new at this blog thing too, so I make glorious hash-ups. Yours is so professional, might get back to you to find out how to do some of the funky stuff you do. How did you put the counter things on? It would be nice to see if anyone looks at my blog at all, especially my friends in Canada and Aus. Have a blessed day, Erika


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