29 April, 2006

Oh {PERFECT} Day for the Beach...

I thought I would let Murray sleep in longer this morning, as he so deserved it. He often lets me sleep in late on the the weekends or public holidays, how loving is that.

Amy and I played outside, it was such a beautiful morning, sun was shining, birds were chirping, it was an “oh, so perfect day”.

When Murray, finally crawled himself out of bed, we decided to go down to the Umhlanga Broadwalk and spend some {quality} family time down on the beach.

The weather was just perfect, no wind, just a balmy summer’s day. Amy and Murray spent the time walking in and out of the rock pools; looking at fishes and walking on soft coral; while I snapped away with my camera (people, must have thought I must have been a tourist or something, with the way I was carrying on with the camera.

Now, just imagine if I had my dream camera with me, I would have been a lot worse. For those of you feeling generous it is the Canon EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT), at a nice price of R6979.00 or $667.00 (if I lived in the US) and yes, my birthday is in July, so start saving (just kidding), but it is nice to dream, it would be my ultimate camera that I have been wanting to get for ever, imagine the photos I would be taking with the long lens etc. I guess, I have to keep buying those LOTTO tickets.
Sorry, got a bit side tracked there, {drool, drool, drool}, just thought I would post a pic of my dream camera below…

Back to the beach scene…Murray, thought he would take Amy slightly deeper into the sea, but only to realise that she just loved it, she could not get enough of jumping in and out of the waves, sorry, but my silly camera could not zoom in close enough to get some good photos of them having fun with the waves….sigh!

Got home and later in the afternoon, we decided to have a nap, feeling so refreshed now, some much needed energy to waste, pity I don’t have all my scrapping things with me, I could be churning out some pages now.

- off to finish dinner and eat.

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