17 April, 2006

It {rained} all day long...

Woke up this morning to a cold and miserable day.

After breakfast I had to drop my mom off at Sylvie's place, as she was getting a lift back to Empangeni with her, as she wanted to stay an extra day with us and spend more time with Amy.

Today, I finally got to watch {Chicken Little} and what a sweet movie it was.

Then, Amy and I took a drive up to Hillcrest for Gary's birthday party. Gary's is Manuela's son, and they are down from Scotland at the moment, so they decided to have his party here with family and friends. Just a pity about the rain, as the kids where so looking forward to the Jumping Castle...they ended up being indoors instead.

Just got back home and hoping that I am able to post with photos, as I have been battling all weekend with Blogger, our wireless internet not working very well.

- I give up, yet, another frustrating evening, with our wireless internet connection.

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