02 March, 2006

The time has come...

...for the the fun part of being a parent "Potty Training", as one would call it.

They started Amy's potty training last week Wednesday. I had to go out and get extra panties to put into her school bag. We have had many accidents, but it is only the beginning, poor thing, must be very daunting on her...and this does take time, we don't want to scare her away from the whole idea on day 1. Amy's teacher, Vanessa suggested we get her a seat that fits into the toilet, as that would be easier for training with, as when you go out in public or to friends they don't always have a potty. It also creates more work for us, first the potty then onto the big toilet, so we are going the toilet route from the start.

As for the progress over the week:

  • Had a lot of wet panties and pants.
  • The one day she decided not to wee at all and just keep it in.
  • She is also starting to tell us when she wants to wee or poo-poo, but when we put her on the toilet, nothing happens, otherwise she has done it already.

So all in all, I think we are doing pretty well for a start to this, she stills sleeps with nappies, as that will take a while before we can master that one...

Yesterday, being 1st March "Voting Day", my brother, Chris and his wife, Mary-Anne invited us to go to Ushaka Marine World with them for the day. Murray did not come, as he had a bad tummy bug of late. Got to see the dolphin and seal show, which Amy thoroughly enjoyed. We have decided the next time we go, we will take the kids to the water rides etc, as we saw some parents with young kids swimming around there.

I have decided to take on Rhonna Farrer's 21 Day Challenge...

"It is your habit. You are responsible for changing it. You must work...to get better. Do not get frustrated, it takes a lot of time.

Just do it."ok...so, I am choosing one habit (good or bad) to


They say 21 days, right? but, I don't want to 'dread' this..


I want to make it a good experience.So..I've decided to take the 21 day challenge BUT with a different angle.an art journal angle.Anyone want to join me?Conquer a habit? Create a habit? All in 21 days...each day creating art, as we are journaling?raise your hand.Let me know if you are interested. I think it could be a lot of fun..&, for me, if it's coupled with a daily art journal, I really think I'll be able to create this new habit & be successful!ok...so, if you're in..here's the deal.1. I will begin my 21 day journey on Feb. 21st...that's next Tuesday.2. I will choose a habit to conquer or create.3. I will create an art journal...blank. And each day I will fill it up with my thoughtsgoalsfeelingsall the while, creating a gorgeous artistic masterpiece to inspire me to CHANGE!4. I will provide daily quotes to lift & inspire change!5. I will share my pages daily to keep me on track. I would LOVE to have you share yours, too.Just think what a fabulous support group this can be.6. I would love for you to join me.I'm off for a little trip...will check in next Tuesday...as we begin...

Who's up for a 21 day journey? I know I am! see you on the 21st to begin....The {21} challenge!

Sophia: out

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