08 March, 2006

Sailing off into the sunset...

I cannot believe that the time has gone by so fast and that it is March, and almost Rhapsody time...

Well, it is almost time for you all to bid me "Bon Voyage", as we sail off on Friday to the Portuguese Islands for a fun and exciting Scrapbooking weekend!!!

So looking forward to meeting the American ladies, should be exciting.

On the Saturday for our Adventure class, we have to wear something Pink or Red. Jenny loaned me an outfit to try, which just happened to be a red French Maid's uniform. With the apron just covering my bare essentials, no offence Jen, but I do not see me exposing my body parts to the rest of the crew on board. So, yours truly found a red devil outfit and will be going as a "Scrapping Devil".

I think I will have to borrow that outfit, for maybe a romantic evening in the bedroom with hubby...hint, hint!!

Just a small highlight of our trip...more to follow on return from our sailing / scrapping expedition.

So, I know leave you with these few words...

Signing out: bags packed and ready to go!

Twenty years from now
You will be more disappointed
By the things you didn’t do
Than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines
Sail away from the safe harbour.
Catch the trade winds in your sails.


- Mark Twain

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