26 January, 2006

"TAG" I'm it...

Well, well, what do you know....I just got tagged by Janis, my good friend in the States (Miami, Florida to be exact), who I met through a Secret Sister Swap on a Scrapbook website...come to think of it, I think it was Creating Keepsakes.

"Here goes nothing...I mean, more like something..."

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life:

Working as a receptionist at Suncrush (Coca-Cola) in Richards Bay, just after I got back from a holiday in Mauritius, after Matric.

As an IT Secretary at Suncrush, now ABI in Durban for 14 years. What gives you the idea that I enjoyed working for Coca-Cola...Ummm!

As an Admin Manager for Shoreline, which was a small bottling company.

Then last but not least...running my Father-in-law's Linen business for a while.

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over:

Pretty Woman
The Notebook
Dirty Dancing
Maid in Manhattan

4 Places You Have Lived:


4 TV Shows You Love to Watch:

The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
Desperate Housewives

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation

Cape Town

4 websites you visit daily:

Kindred Creations
Stacy Julian
Creating Keepsakes
Big Picture Scrapbooking

4 of your favorite foods:

My Dad's Mauritian Cooking....yummy, wish I still lived at home.
Pasta anything...
Sole (that is fish, just incase you thought it was something else).
Grilled Calamari

4 places you would rather be right now:

Lying on a deck chair at my Aunt Marie-Lise's cottage in Maurtius.
Watching "Barney" with my beautiful daughter...just love spending precious time with her.
Visiting my friend Janis in Miami (hope to get to do so oneday...soon!).
Take a trip in a Gondola in Venice....wouldn't that be romantic!!!

4 Bloggers You are Tagging:

Desire Fourie - it is the only one I know for now, as all the others have been tagged already that I know...will post 3 more when I find them!

Well, that is about it from me for now, off to go and finish my Spinach Tart.

Signing out: A very cold and rainy evening here...

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