15 January, 2006

Party Time

Well, the weekend has been non stop party since Friday, and to top it all Saturday was 40 degrees with discomfort level, boy did we sweat...

Amy managed to attend all her parties she was invited to and here are the highlights attached.

Andrew's Party
She came across the juice bottles which had "Barney" on, so of course she thought she was allowed to drink one of each. You know how it goes...if there is "Barney", then "BJ" and "Baby Bop" must follow!

Nathan's Party
Had so much fun swimming in the pool, she could not get enough.

Sarah's Party
Well, Jackie you outdid yourself...the pony rides for the kids were awesome, Amy loved going on them, I think she went 3 times round your garden.

Crystal's Party
She had fun jumping on the trampoline and going down the slide.

As for me, I have been working hard on my blog, trying to fancy it up etc, I hope you are all enjoying my hard work. I have changed it from the pink tones to "white" as things stand out better, and is easier on the eyes. Have also added a link where you can subscribe to, so that it will let you know when I do updates etc...

For those of you who don't already know...it is our darling daughter's 2nd birthday tomorrow. I cannot believe it is already here...

We will be having her party on Saturday, so that will be another post all on it's own.

Me signing out! Got presents to wrap and a birthday card to make...

P.S. Nearly forgot to tell you my good news "No, I am not pregnant again...". My brother Henri has bought me a ticket to go with my other Scrapping mates on a Scrap Cruise for 3 Days in March...it was to thank me for all my hard work with their wedding. Am I lucky or what!!!


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday to Amy, I hope she has a wonderful 2nd birthday, she is totally adorable. Cannot wait to see her pics. Love to you All


  2. Happy Birthday to Amy! Also, you've been tagged! (See my Jan. 18 post for details.)


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