24 January, 2006

Birthday number 2 has come and gone...

Well, I had a very busy weekend with all the preparations for Amy's party that was on Saturday.
The theme I chose was Strawberry Shortcake and it turned out so well, as you will see in the photos. I found this wonderful company called "Crazy Chameleon" who did the table & chairs;

banner and flags and everyone's favourite...the photo board.

Of course the rest was done, by yours truly....MOI!

When Amy arrived at her party they first thing she said was..."Storycake Mommy", and proceeded to sit done at one of the chairs (too cute).

It was an eventful party with the kids playing in the sandpit; some playing on the jungle gym;

others riding their bikes on the track; and some just sitting down to have a bite to eat...(as you can see, Crystal and Sarah thought the food was to good to leave the table for).

Then it came to singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing of the candles on her beautiful cake.

Thanks Granny for organising my cake...Amy blew all her candles on her own (yes, I may have given her some practice beforehand).

Then it was time for her to dig her fingers into it...yummy!!

Thank you to all who came along and we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as Amy did. She says a big "Thank You" for all her lovely presents (great reading books, clothes and toys)...Mom's house will not be the same after we get stuck into the Play Doh...LOL!!!

P.S. Thanks Michelle.S, for taking some of the photos, they are awesome!

Sunday, we spent the day at Murray's parents and spent time in the pool. Amy's favourite past time...takes after her dad, who was a swimmer in his younger days! She also got her other present from them, which was a Golf set.

So, Grandpa decided he was going to get her started on her golfing career...watch this space, we may have the next up and coming Golf Pro on our hands.

Signing off: on this cold and raining morning in Cowies Hill.


  1. Hi.Your latest post looks great. All you words you have coloured adds a lovely strawberry, party theme to it. Always admiring your journalling tone and style. Keep it up. Desire

  2. Thanks, Desire...sometimes when I read myself it does not always sound right.


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